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The Play That Goes Wrong Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.5 star rating (2.7 Stars)

Number of reviews: 32



5.0 star rating Annette Schilz from Thornhill, Ontario


I saw this play in London, England this past June. It was hilarious. I loved it and after the show I even got to meet 2 of the actors. Most impressed. It was brilliant :-)

5.0 star rating Patti Owen from Boston, Massachusetts


Saw this in NY in May with my husband and 17 year old granddaughter. Hilarious! The physicality of the performers is amazing. Cant's wait to see it in Boston.

5.0 star rating Dr. Ann R. Weiss from Houston, Texas


I saw this in New York City recently with my two grown children, son-in-law, and 14 year old granddaughter. Our group consisted of an actor, a university professor, a creative ad agency director, an aspiring musical theatre performer, and a retired educator. Quite a diverse group. Let me say.....we all laughed until I thought we would fall out of our seats. It was crazy, silly, hilarious fun! One of the best times ever! I highly recommend this delightful evening of zaniness for everyone.

5.0 star rating Steve M from Detroit, Michigan


Very enjoyable and entertaining! So much fun to laugh through the entire play. Wonderful actors make it so worthwhile!

5.0 star rating Kim from Minneapolis, Minnesota


What an unexpected surprise. Laughing and crying from beginning to end. Great performances by all cast members. I definitely want to bring my friends who weren't with me to see it again. Great night

5.0 star rating Sonny from Baltimore, Maryland


I've seen this twice in NYC and seeing it again at the Hippodrome. The funnies play ever!! You'll laugh continuously for 2+ hours. Stop reading this and go buy tickets!!

5.0 star rating Sue Rosenberg from Richmond, Virginia


When “Trevor” (lighting and sound director) appeared by our seats before the play began and asked if we’d seen a missing dog, we knew we were in for an interesting evening. Hilarious from beginning to end!!! Perhaps not for everyone, but it delighted me and the rest of my family members. The creative set and over-the-top characters kept us looking forward to the next disaster. Go see it Richmonders!

5.0 star rating Jim Robinson from Charlotte, North Carolina


Looking at many of the reviews, I find it hard to imagine that they saw the same play as I. After having seen this in NYC, I jumped at a chance to see it again in Charlotte. Interestingly, there were some tweaks to story line that added a bit more depth to the NYC version. This is hilarious. It is not Monty Python or the Three Stooges, it is something all its own. The audience, ranging in age from 8 to 80, cackled and laughed for more than two hours. The timing was crisp and the gags were well played, even if some were predictable. Knowing what might happen made it funnier when carried out. There was non-stop comedy action and twists and turns that the actors carried out flawlessly. Often, the funniest parts were the reactions of the cast members when things did go wrong. The interaction with the audience was spot on with hilarious references to local issues and topics as well as a poke at the Charlotte ego. I wish I could go again, but, alas, the holidays call.

5.0 star rating Beverly from West Palm Beach, Florida


You missed the best part of the play.....yes, it was corny, yes, it was over acted, but that's what made it funny.....the second act tied it all together. Its was a murder mystery play, they were acting, by the second act you put everything together and saw the humor! We loved it and if you liked Monty Python you will like it too.

5.0 star rating Nurse Bennett from Chicago, Illinois


My husband, son and I saw this show and loved every minute of it!! All of the actors were great! The funniest show I've seen in a long time

4.0 star rating Rob from Oakville from Toronto, Ontario


But that’s not what you’re paying to see. However, there is more than just slap stick to the play. The real treat is the individual reaction by each cast member as things go wrong and how they deal with it. If you want to go deep enough the play is a metaphor for life and how we all face problems. But for me I would take as face value as just good fun. So don’t go expecting Coward or Shaw but relax, enjoy the play for what it is and have a good time.

4.0 star rating Elizabeth Davis from Washington, District of Columbia


The actors and stage performance was very good. I gave this review a 4 star rating due to the placement of one of the actors. I have seen this production in London and Syracuse. The stage crew manager is supposed to be seen by the entire audience. The people with balcony seats could not see him at the Kennedy Center. This was a bad design decision. People pay a lot of money to see a show like this. To see all the characters. It was confusing for the friends I took for the first time.

3.0 star rating Dr. Bring-down from Hartford, Connecticut


This play featured very skilled actors doing amazing things with comedic timing and physical comedy. It was very funny at times. However, it is very self-aware, and seems to try too hard to get laughs. It would be a really funny 30-minute sketch, but after that it became as exhausting to watch as it, no doubt, was to rehearse. My wife and I left at intermission.

3.0 star rating Dave from San Francisco, California


Funny to a point. Some of the bits wouldnt end. The build up to the end could have ended sooner. Two acts? It could have been done in one. Entertaining. To be honest, they tried too hard. Kudos to the actors having to work so hard.

2.0 star rating Carl Baskind from Boston, Massachusetts


Interesting play in that many in the audience were slapping knees and laughing hysterically. By observation they were mostly 65-80 year olds...which makes sense because this show is closer to vaudevillian slapstick than the kind of crisp, clever material that is written today. Like I said, there are funny riffs and moments, especially in the beginning but as time marches on the uniqueness wears off and the corniness, unproductive sillyness and flat out unfunny stuff takes over. Kind of show you either like or dislike alot...and I didn't like it.

2.0 star rating Julie Garvin from Houston, Texas


If you like slapstick, you’ll have a great evening. If you don’t, you’ll leave at intermission like we did. Having said that, the Hobby Center is a wonderful place to explore new shows. Great venue.

2.0 star rating Cay from Kansas City, Missouri


The performances, staging, and set were wonderful, but the writing was boring and offensive. Our group thought it was written in the 1950s and I was shocked that it actually premiered in 2012. Not to be a snowflake about it, but I am a gay person who attended with my gay wife, and I squirmed during the minutes and minutes of tense silence when we were clearly meant to be laughing at the outright madcap wackiness of a GAY GUY being ONSTAGE and women beating the living crap out of each other over a man. Straight up homophobic and sexist. Worst of all, it was boring with no stakes and nothing to invest in mentally or emotionally.

1.0 star rating Patrick from Nashville, Tennessee


The theater lost half of the audience by intermission. I’ve seen many shows at Tpac and this is by far the worst. I wish I could’ve traded my ticket for the drag show in the other theater and I can’t stand drag but it would’ve been by far the lesser of two evils. Avoided This show at all costs. My seats were fantastic it was the content that wasn’t

1.0 star rating Sean from Toronto, Ontario


This is truly the worst Mirvish production I have ever seen. We were in a large group, only one of whom thought the show was even mildly amusing. The rest of us (and we all love Fawlty Towers and Monty Python) found it shallow, predictable, unfunny and quite tedious in parts. We noticed a few scattered people around us laughing hysterically after every line -- they seemed to each be alone, arriving seconds before the show began and leaving immediately after it was over. Were they planted there, paid to laugh? Sure seemed like it. This show is quite a disappointment, not at all up to Mirvish's usually excellent standards.

1.0 star rating Jacqueline from Toronto, Ontario


We are regular Mirvish subscribers and this show was by far the worst show we've ever seen. There was nothing funny about it - it was just a series of silly, overacted scenes - people bumping into things and things falling off the wall. We left at intermission and would have left sooner if we could have without disturbing the people sitting around us. Do not waste your time and money seeing this show.

1.0 star rating from Toronto, Ontario


My husband and I saw this show in Toronto at the Mirvish theatre. Although a few of the actors were brilliant, most were mediocre and a couple downright terrible. They ruined the play. It was a waste of money.

1.0 star rating Rose from Toronto, Ontario


I have just returned home after leaving this dreadful play at intermission. It was mildly amusing for a few minutes, but it just dragged on with the same, worn out, predictable gags. Such as shame, as the actors did work hard, but they couldn't save the play. It definitely "went wrong"!!!

1.0 star rating Dan from Detroit, Michigan


My wife and I left at intermission. Same slapstick jokes over and over. Smiled the first two times, but after the sixth time the dead guy flaps his arms, it simply isn't clever, witty, or funny. I will say the actors are good. They work hard and seem to enjoy what they are doing. Its just what they are doing wasn't comedy. Save your money for the next show.

1.0 star rating Marcel Spencer from Detroit, Michigan


In order for things to go wrong, there has to be a context of things going right! first. This was a constant barrage of overacting, same gags repeated overused and obvious cliched pratfall comedy and just NOT FUNNY. First time I ever left the theater , ANY THEATER, at intermission. Waste of time, money and feel sorry the actors that have to do this. In fairness, people in the audience were laughing-quite a lot-am I an alien? Never even cracked a smile and I like slapstick humor. along with my two friends who also found it completely stupid and insipid. I have seen great things at the Fisher and look forward to my subscription being better than this. Watch paint dry it will be more entertaining!

1.0 star rating L. Archie from Columbus, Ohio


Not an enjoyable evening, the play was a cross that the actors had to bear, along with the audience. The big difference, was that they were paid.

1.0 star rating Kathy from Las Vegas, Nevada


Too much slapstick and overacted. I’m sure the actors did a fine job, just not for us. I’m a big fan of Monty Python; but this didn’t compare. First time we have ever left a show at intermission.

1.0 star rating Papagigi from Los Angeles, California


Was expecting something in the vein of "Noises Off" or Monty Phytonesque. Throw your expectation out of the window. Should have known better when reading the ambiguous reviews. From the start to finish, I find the "play" trite, unfunny and tired. I'm a fan of slapstick comedies, but this just not it, low brow or high brow. The actors did work hard but I can't find any redeeming quality of the show. At some point, it resorted to dangerous acts to garner laugh,(slamming doors to the hapless characters , some even with blood effect) I don't understand why some of audience laugh so hard. I'm a fan of British comedies, such as Monty Phyton, Fawlty Towers and Mr. Bean. To compare this montrosity to those masterpieces is an insult to your intelligence.

1.0 star rating Ann from Los Angeles, California


I love farce, slapstick, and intentionally bad theatre/TV/film. Noises Off, Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Mr. Bean, Garth Marenghi's Dark Place, etc. are incredible... and this show NO WHERE in the same league as those. It presents itself as a sort of meta-bad theatre, but lacks any real attempt to make the show feel genuine. Just a few of the many problems with this show are: (1) Stakes get set up and gags are beaten to death, to the point where credulity is gone. (2) Attention to detail with the physical comedy is nonexistent. (3) The fake-bad acting isn't even done well. So the whole thing just feels like farce for morons. I was really shocked people in the audience (including seasoned theatre friends of mine) liked it so much, and gave it a standing ovation. I couldn't believe only 45 minutes had passed when intermission came, and I should've quit halfway through. If you love any of the above shows I mentioned, save yourself the excessive money and time, and avoid this dud.

1.0 star rating Linda from Delray Beach, Florida


12/10/19 At Kravis, West Palm Beach FL. Python's situational and physical humor is light years ahead of this play. TPTGW has slapstick and shtick that some high school drama group decided was funny. Audience laughed nervously hoping that the play would get better; it Never did so they stopped laughing. Actors shouted their lines; trying to "sell" it. The audience began to leave halfway through the first act; many more left at intermission and couldn't leave fast enough. At least one third of the theater left because this play was so bad. This play should have been staged in one of Kravis' smaller non- subscription secondary theaters. It should NOT have been part of the series which many bought in order to get the Hamilton tickets included in this season. We have had Kravis season tickets for four years. This play has me questioning whether I should switch to Broward, which has all of the same shows- except this one. This was a waste of precious time and money. Don't waste yours

1.0 star rating Attendee at the 1-14-20 Performance from Tucson, Arizona


sets, props, cast fall down as funny as armpit farts we left halfway through

1.0 star rating Rick Moreno from Chicago, Illinois


I couldn't believe this was so bad. This is just pure slapstick without any originality. I think little kids probably would enjoy this more. Adults in the audience were actually laughing, which really surprised me because it was the same joke Over and over again. I was almost insulted at how basic this was.

1.0 star rating Jay from Chicago, Illinois


Went to see the play with my spouse as an anniversary "gift".. so we thought! The show had bad comedy from start to finish, we wanted to leave at intermission but tortured ourselves to the end since the tickets were pricey. We were shocked at people laughing and giving a standing ovation, felt bad for the actors but having props and overly played "funny" moments is NOT comedy. Don't waste your money or time.


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hilarious British SLAPSTICK

Brilliantly BAD! And if London Bridge ever does fall down, the Mischief Theatre Company would be my first suspect!

The name of the producing theatre company says it all, Mischief Theatre. With nothing short of a miracle, The Murder at Haversham Manor his heading out on tour! Thankfully though it is merely a guise for the brilliant The Play That Goes Wrong!

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