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Casting Crowns is a Grammy Award and Dove Award-winning Christian rock band. The band was founded in 1999 by youth pastor Mark Hall. He initially started the band at a church in Downtown Daytona Beach, Florida as part of a youth group, but the band's popularity has now extended far beyond the reaches of their hometown. 

With Hall on lead vocals, the band moved to Stockbridge, Georgia, added some new members, creating the Casting Crowns we know and love. Now seven strong, they've released over a dozen albums across their two decades and impressed audiences all over the world with their faith-driven rock. Don't miss the magic when they come to a stage near you this year!

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Aug 22


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Casting Crowns

Very Good! The concert was inspiring, easy to listen too, and great worship! I loved Mark Hall passion to share Jesus with the world, and his humility. His message was very encouraging. Thank you! ... Read more


Excellent Worship

My wife was recently diagnosed with Alsheimers and can't remember all the words to the songs. She needs encouragement and got it when the few times the words were on the screen for folks to sing along. Without words available for her to follow, she was watching others around us singing along from memory and she looked lost and empty. She had a brilliant smile when she could sing along with the words. Her ability to enjoy future concerts is limited without words posted. Definitely an enjoyable evening! ... Read more


Please lower the bass! You're killing me smalls

Great concert! Great music! Great voices! Great worship! We The Kingdom started everything off with great energy and good sound system. Unfortumately about the 3rd song in, Casting Crowns' sound system or sound engineer went off the rails and rest of concert had distorted sound - couldn't enjoy their beautiful voices because the bass was so loud. I was surprised the band didn't stop and ask the sound engineer to make an adjustment. Always recommend Casting Crowns concerts. I just hope they fix the sound before you go ... Read more

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