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Customer Reviews for The Goo Goo Dolls

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Saw the Goo Goo Dolls in Clearwater. They were absolutely fantastic from beginning to end. O a r started the concert and they were phenomenal as well. We had VIP treatment and meet and greet passes. Thank you to the production manager and the manager

Joanna Rubino from Jacksonville, Florida
28th July 2023

Loved the Goo Goo Dolls. They were fantastic. Had some rain delays but it didn't matter because they rocked it from beginning to end. Oar opened up and they were phenomenal as well. Robbie was smiling to do at the entire concert. So happy to see such a big crowd. Johnny you still have it!

Authentic Song Writers the real deal and The Dolls DELIVERED

Tracy from Melbourne, Florida
14th August 2023

Exceptional performance by Goo Goo Dolls- Atlantic City, NJ August 11th. I couldn’t have asked for a better show! It was The Dolls at their best. Intimate jam! My interpretation of the band is- they make music, write amazing songs and rock out like they’re in a basement jam session. I felt this was a jam session and we all were in a basement studio rocking to tunes like it was all about the music. This is what is appealing about Goo Goo Dolls. They’re famous for their craft. Writing songs we love to sing along with and feel something in our soul. John and Robbie are (in my opinion) guys that want to make music and share it with us. I have seen the Dolls in 2005 and PNC Arts Center. I felt this AC show was incredibly real music jam without the over the top BS. Musicians provide a show about the music. The Dolls delivered! I flew up from Melbourne, Fla to see the show. Only thing I can think of that would top AC - they dragged their gear to MLB Airport and did jam in our airport at DAL

Goooooood Time

Maya The Service Dog from Princeton, NJ
14th August 2023

Event center perfect sizzle for a show of the Goo magnitude. Crowd was mixed ages with younger kiddos all the way up to the fans on life support. It was a good time. Small concert venue provided excellent views for all seating. OAR and GooGoo Dolls together was a great double feature! The complaints are from people who apparently haven’t broken their foot before! It takes 6 weeks in a boot to heal. Add the muscle atrophy and it’s a miserable experience to recover from. Imagine having a tour in progress while in treatment for a broken foot? Props to the band for thinking of their fans enjoyment. Clearly these guys put their fans first and that’s something to consider prior to complaining about the show. The other option was no show. Thank you Goo Goo Dolls and The Borgata for another amazing visit! The set list was stellar and the music was on point. My tail wagged and I had a blast

Great Band, Lousy Venue

Bw from Seattle, Washington
3rd September 2023

Big fans of the Goos. Didn’t realize they were in town until 2 days ago. Bought 2 GA tickets for what seemed a reasonable price- then added on 30.00 in fees and another 30.00 for parking. Then 60.00 for 2 hamburgers/fries/cokes. Such bullshit. OAR opened and some of their songs we liked but others were annoying- to many trumpet solos, barf. Just not our thing but they were talented. Pretty loud but well mixed. The Goos came on and unfortunately, we were towards the back and as everyone stood up, we could see the top of the keyboardist and drummers head. And the video that wasn’t showing the band but videos to enhance the songs. SO MANY watched the entire show through their phones. It was odd to see people filming what they couldn’t see… weird. A guy and his wife behind us had their phones on their laps the entire time. He NEVER looked up. Playing a game? Porn surfing? Others around us just wanted to talk and take selfies all night. Only reacted to the hits. I hate concerts in the 21st century. Rant over. Johnny had a cold but you’d never k ow it except for the time he mentioned it. His voice sounded great. Robbie was Robbie. The bass was way down in the mix. Coulda used more. It could’ve been due to where our seats were too. Vocals were way up in the mix as were the keys during solos. John was funny and seemed to be in a great mood. Great show.

small bass lucky to have the Big Fish

Jeff Reeves from Austin, Texas
27th October 2019

Great show. Boys opened up right on time and were tight as ever. John's voice was perfect. Great showmanship!


MICHAEL YORK from Tucson, Arizona
5th December 2019

The Goo Goo Dolls proved that they just may be the reigning supreme rock band today. Too bad it was on a Wednesday night instead of Fri/Sat so I could have indulged in a few more drinks. They are very tight, only achieved by playing together for so long. Great concert, every was dancing and singing along to every song.