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Customer Reviews for Jonas Brothers

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lilly roberts from Phoenix, Arizona
27th October 2021

Went to Jonas Brothers concert at the AK pavilion… ABSOLUTELY WOTH IT…. Sitting on Stacey was a great opening and such a vibe!! they were so great and humble! and of course kelsea ballerini was AMAZING as usual!! Jonas Brothers we’re just over the top amazing and the concert was a blast!! 100% recommend! i’ll be back at their next concert!

JoBros and openers WERE AWESOME!

Kelly Warner from San Diego, California
26th August 2021

I don’t normally show up for opening acts but was riding with friends so didn’t have a choice! Holy am I glad I did! Sitting On Stacy was such a find! I wasn’t expecting an opening act to be so fun! Posed with them for a picture and they’re so nice, humble and grateful! They said they had been signed by Joe’s label so that made me love them more! The bothers are my absolute favorite and they played all but one of my favorites songs! They are such great entertainers and just writing this makes me wish for the night to happen all over again! So so fun!!


Barbara Brand from Boston, Massachusetts
3rd October 2021

Excellent show! From the opening act, Kelsey Ballerini, who just rocked it to the Jobros themselves . Power packed! Fireworks! Just incredible … Thank god for the jumbo screen though …stage was small so they couldn’t move around much from side to side

Sounded weird

Denise Smith from Dallas, Texas
25th October 2021

The sound system made their voices sound a little mickey mouse-ish. We sat at the front of section 203 and all of us were confused by the sound. The set was nice but something was off with the sound. The j bros promoting popcorn and liquor was kind of embarrassing. For Nick to say Dallas had the best effing fans was inappropriate for preteens. They should know their audience. Getting to the pavilion was filled with dead ends and long stretches of cars trying to merge or confused as to were to go. Could have been great but missed the mark.

Jonas Brothers in Houston

Katherine from Houston, Texas
26th October 2021

Cynthia Woods 10/23/21 - great openers… Nick and Kevin were awesome as always. Couldn’t help but notice Joe barely knew the words to their own songs. It was so blatantly obvious and upsetting, did a good job covering his mouth with the microphone after a while. It also truly seemed he was either on major drugs or extremely intoxicated. Concert was okay but I’ve seen them before and it was better than this.

Jonas Brothers

Anne from Seattle, Washington
6th September 2021

Two hours is too long of a wait before they came on. The first act was crude and inappropriate for preteens. Kelsey was great! The Jonas brothers were awesome as always even though the stage was smaller and they were limited in what they could do.