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Still has it

Dave from Portland, Oregon
4th April 2024

For some reason, the idiots that love Drump thought Cleese was a supporter. I saw many leave because of this. Glad they left. Cleese was well spoken, funny as hell, and did not disappoint. Can't say the same for his daughter's stand up. But to see a legend Python was a treat!

I do not understand the negativity

Brad from St. Louis, Missouri
17th November 2023

I read many reviews blasting Mr.Cleese from previous shows. My group thought he was wonderful. The man is 84, were you expecting back handsprings across the stage. He told many stories about his life and the pythons. He did talk a lot about Graham and that would be normal, he loved his best friend. His stories were very entertaining. His jokes were very Python meaning they were good hearted jabs at people and other groups. He was not mean spirited towards people. He was doing what he has been doing for 50 years. He talked a bit about people being thin skinned and woke. That would be typical of a man his age and the way he would think. What do you expect. Him to be a progressive “unfunny” comic. He is a member of a comedy troop that relished being “naughty”, his word not mine. His daughter was not very funny. She opened the show and assisted with the Q&A. In general if you are a fan of Python and Fawlty towers. You will really enjoy this show. Thank you Mr.Cleese you are a legend.


Matthew Alvarado from Des Moines, Iowa
16th November 2023

Well, that was absolute rubbish. I certainly hope the 90th Birthday Bonanza will be better. I plan to start camping out for those tickets tomorrow.

Poor show

Greg from Calgary, Alberta
12th May 2022

This show was awful. Waste of my money and a slight at my moral fibre. Sitting through racist jokes then having them justified in an idiotic manner, trying to be funny . That ship has sailed Monty! Glad I was able to help pay your 20 million alimony. An insult to those few remaining fans you have left. Gladly I didn’t vip. Ouch. Call it a Day John , you are embarrassing what legacy you had.

Thank god he INCLUDED politics!

Randy from Santa Rosa CA
20th October 2021

Reading the whiners that wished John had not criticized Trump and the nightmare his existence is along with Rupert Murdoch and his contribution to ending civility in the world. Fortunately John properly denounced and laughed at these horrible people! Seeing this icon of comedy in person was well worth the cost. John is like a member of "The Beatles Of Comedy!"

Worth the trip from Waterloo

John Backewich from Waterloo, Ontario
27th April 2022

I am a sucker for the past and very much enjoyed the variety Mr. Cleese shared. I wish the Q and A was not part of the show and possibly had him share memories from Fawlty Towers. Too much of a brilliant lifetime to fit into 90 minutes. After reading the reviews it appears people are so very critical. Not sure what their expectations were exactly. Perhaps they suffer from a Covid hangover. Continued success Mr. Cleese.