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Customer Reviews for Bored Teachers Comedy Tour

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The Funniest Teacher Show

Gerald Cox from Pensacola, Florida
9th August 2023

I truly enjoyed the show. I laughed hysterically throughout. After retiring from a 50 year teaching career, I truly appreciated the comedy presented. Tha comedians were exceptional. Overall, it was an incredible experience. However, the Saenger Theater blew it with the lanyard situation. We were not told how to obtain the lanyards on entrance. After the show, there were not enough lanyards to go around. I'm 73 years old and taught for 50 years and HAD BOUGHT 8 TICKETS for the meet and greet and received one ticket (two of us attended). TRIVIAL. YES, BUT VERY IMPORTANTLY TO ME

Funniest comedy show ever

Carla from Poughkeepsie, New York
17th July 2023

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance last night in Poughkeepsie, NY. Orlando Baxter, Yoder, and Ms. Rob were all wonderful comedians. They had everyone bent over, out of breath, laughing. Extremely relatable, insightful comedy.

Bored teachers Comedy Tour

Brandi from Los Angeles, California
7th July 2023

I, the teachers I went with, and all the teachers around us laughed hysterically for 2 solid hours! I am so happy I went. We had such a good time! I don't think people that are not teachers would get most of the humor. These reviews about language seem a little odd, as it is a comedy show, not a teacher inservice. Most people would be prepared for that. The Thousand Oaks Center was a beautiful venue. The show was almost completely sold out, however many seats were empty, due to season ticket holders not using or selling their seats, which was a tad annoying. I would have loved better seats, but they weren't available. It was a fun filled experience for my group. Teachers can sure use some humor, and we loved the show!

Very Funny

Pditty2fen from Tysons, VA
2nd April 2023

The show was very funny and I’m not a teacher. The last guy was the best he was from Florida and hysterical. I really enjoyed the show!!

Not as Expected

I. T. from Riverside, California
24th July 2023

We had some good laughs, but I was expecting more jokes about teaching and what we experience. I did not expect to hear explicit sexual jokes. More funny jokes about experiences like the slogan says : you can't make this stuff up!

Truly disappointing

JG from AC, NJ
11th November 2023

There were some really funny moments throughout the show, but the over-use of vulgarity of all kinds was just over the top. It sadly took away from what has amazing potential. Teachers follow the site because we relate and can find humor in the ridiculousness of things that happen throughout the course of a day or a career. And please remove Taylor completely. Her entire set bordered and then launched into the realm of pedophilia and disgusting sexual humor at the expense of "children in her class". Please still remember, teachers are often parents as well. We struggle enough with public perception... there's lots of hilarious teacher comedy that doesn't require the profanity or sexual content.